View Full Version : Two 2007 Amaya XT Machines (Nearly BRAND NEW)

06-18-2008, 02:24 PM
Two Melco Amaya XT embroidery machines, in excellent condition, purchased in February 2007 and used for less than 200 hours.

Reason for selling: We are getting out of the production line of the business (I know that sounds like a cliché but it is true). These machines are in terrific working order and are perfect for someone either looking to get into the business or to add a couple of excellent units to their existing line.

The machines are commercial 16 needle single head full embroidery system. Startup package includes everything you need to get started in embroidery. The machines are located just outside Toronto but can be shipped anywhere in North America and we are willing to work out a deal on delivery.

Here is what you get:

2 x Amaya XT 2007 Machines
2 x Machine Cart/Stands
Amaya Operating System (OS Flex Plus) with dongle with multihead operation control capability
Design Shop 2006.5 Digitizing Software with dongle
Power Cords, US 110V
Ethernet Cables with Hub
1,500 Design Pack for Startups embroidery design library
Amaya Starter Kit (Tools, backing, thread, etc. – further details below)
Crossover Ethernet Cable 25'
Amaya OS Training CD Set

12 cm (Qty 4)
15 cm (Qty 4)
18 cm (Qty 4)
30 x 44 cm (Qty 4)
43 x 43cm, wood (Qty 4)
Wide Angle hat frames (Qty 4)

Hoop Master
Main Board and smaller board
12 cm attachment
15 cm attachment

57 spools of thread
83 white bobbins
2 rolls of hat backing (tearaway), white, 4" wide
2 large rolls of backing (black, white)
2 medium rolls of tearaway backing (black, white)
1 roll of Solubond "solvie"
Various other "startup" tools – scissors, needles, scrap fabric, etc.

Buyer can pick up at our office location just outside Toronto or we are willing to delivery anywhere in North America and share the delivery expenses. If you are from the United States, we will handle all issues as it relates to sending these units across the border i.e. customs, etc.

If interested please contact me or make me an offer at janis@promopeople.com !