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Beebop Creations
06-20-2008, 03:57 PM
Should you be interested in purchasing an add-on to your current system, let me know.

Beverly Hanson dba Beebop Creations
Bremerton WA
360 479 0953

Here is information:


(part of Melco/Sauer Group)


Best feature of this system is that it can be connected to other individual systems (up to 30 Amaya heads) with only one computer and each head can work on separate projects; and if one system, goes down the rest keep going! This, to me, is a great benefit to owners who have many small projects and do not want the rest to be idle. The other benefits are:

Thread tension calculated for each stitch which means fewer thread breaks (and if the thread breaks, the image on computer screen will indicate that occurrence with the thread break monitor). You can choose the fabric you are working on so that the stitches will adapt accordingly.

16 Thread colors!

Laser Eye to assure accurate placement

Height Adjustable Presser Foot (range of 0.5mm to 3.5mm)

Status Monitoring: The operating systems lets you monitor and guide the machine functions during the entire sew-out process.

Amaya Sizer: Allows you to modify and enhance original designs; you can resize and rotate designs, view design in 3D mode, change the order the design is sewn in, and unlimited number of undo and redo changes to the design.

Maintenance: Warnings are given when maintenance is needed and there is an on-screen on the computer to guide you.

The system also comes with two cap heads.

Multiple hoops

In addition, for the price listed below, I am also including:

The computer
Most advanced software: Design Shop Pro Plus
Extra thread and bobbins
Backing material
Dakota Collectibles: 5000 designs
$300 allowance for training on the system.

Why am I selling this unit? Because my photography interests have taken over, and I find I have no time to market or use the system. I think this is a fantastic piece of equipment whether you are a stand-alone owner or multiple head user.

Original purchase price was about $21,000 for the system alone (not including all the extras offered above). I am offering it and all of the above for $10,500. Shipping will be negotiable.

Contact: Beverly Hanson

Beebop Creations


360 479 0953

Bremerton WA 98312