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Mark Wiley
10-18-2008, 02:57 PM
For Sale -

Complete Embroidery and Custom Apparel shop!

We are selling our 2006 Amaya XT with Design Shop Pro software, Ioline 300 CAD cutter and Hotronix Swinger Heat Press. The equipment is in great shape, we never used it for production, only used for design mock-ups.

Included in the deal is a DELL computer with flat screen monitor and software installed and ready to go, literally plug it all in and you are up and running. Also installed is over 5,000 stitch out designs from Dakota.

We are experienced website designers and will offer to design one website for the new owners, free of charge (a $3,000 value)! With this offer you will be up and running with a complete Embroidery and Custom Apparel shop and website in no time.

The lease for the Amaya, CAD Cutter and Heat Press is through Beacon Funding, we are offering a lease assumption of $578 per month (about 36 months remaining) or an outright purchase of $18,000.00. You may also renegotiate the length of the outstanding lease amount with Beacon, extending the terms to lower the monthly payment.

If you assume the lease, we will also reimburse your first two months of lease payments!

Free shipping!

Included is the following items:

30000-071 AMAYA XT
30372-011 Amaya Cart
010619-011 Power Cord, US 110V
328841 Wide Angle Driver
32530-012 Wide Angle Cap Frame
010527-021 Wide Angle Gauge
331681 Design Shop Training CD
331691 Amaya Training CD
32732-221Amaya OS-Single Head USB Dongle Kit
32674-221Design Shop Pro
Plus 2006 USB Dongle Kit
14154-011Cross Over Ethernet Cable 25'
102199 cm Round Hoops/2.75"
1021712 cm Round Hoops/4.75"
102162 15 cm Round Hoops/5.9"
102152 18 cm Round Hoops/7.1"
1021422 cm Round Hoops/8.3"
010942-01230 X 36 Rectangular Plastic Hoops/11" X 14"
1234430 X 44 Rectangular Wood Hoops/11" X 16"
3031243 X 43 Square Wood Double Height Hoops 16" X 16"
1556915000 Design Pack For Start Ups
170931All-In-One Hooper With Pro Leveler
321051Amaya Starter Kit
Ioline 300 CAD cutter, see attachment 1 for the accessories included
Hotronix Swinger 16x20 Heat press
Custom Website development ($3,000 value!)
First two months of lease payments (if lease assumption)
Free Shipping!
Starter kit with assorted production materials, bobbins, threads, backings, CAD Cutter material, maintenance kit.

Mark Wiley
11-06-2008, 01:14 PM
Forgot to add my contact info -


Please email to discuss, the offer still stands!

Mark Wiley
01-09-2009, 02:31 PM
Price has been cut in half! New price is $9,000.00. This still includes the offer of a free website!

Debbie Garifi
01-09-2009, 03:39 PM
I am interested!
Debbie Garifi
Design Wizard Embroidery