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Thread: 2 Problems!

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    Jul 2007
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    I'm having two issues tonight with my Amaya XT. The first issue is, I generated a letter E in Design Shop and when it embroidered it, it did a second then a third -- and probably would have kept going except it hit a hoop limit. I first tried reloading the design - same thing happened. Then I tried restarting Design Shop and the Amaya OS, same result, then tried restarting the machine and computer as well, same thing. I had this happen once before with a design someone else had digitized that had an extra stitch at the end that once I deleted it and resaved it proceeded to only stitch once, but I've never had it happen with just a letter typed in Design Shop. Any suggestions of how to fix?
    The second issue is the first time after I closed everything down and restarted, after I adjusted where I wanted the letter to stitch out, when I hit the green start button nothing happened. It didn't start running even though the OS read at the bottom that it was. I shut everything down, restarted everything again, was able to adjust where I wanted it and then again when I pressed the green start button - nothing. And again could not get anything else to happen either. Any suggestions about this as well would be greatly appreciated!

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    Repeating designs is a glitch in the version you have. Call Melco and get the new ver. Probably, but I am not sure, but probably your second problem is connected to the first.

    Juli in Kona
    Juli in Kona<br />Stitches in Paradise

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    Dec 2007
    Raleigh NC
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    Forgive the repeat answer if my original reply shows up from being lost in cyberspace.

    I've had the second problem and tried the restart of OS and Amaya. Then I found that the job was still in the queue in the same state. Once I deleted it and reloaded the design, it started normally.

    It was only a test sew out, so nothing was really lost.


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