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    smeggy345o Guest


    I was doing my maintenance and when you take the black cover off the right side and lift up the lever and grease it, I did as was asked. Then I put the cover back on and pressed OK. But for some reason it could not complete it. The #1 needle is down and the presser foot is above it. What did I do and how do I fix it? Thanks - mary

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    smeggy345o Guest


    I rebooted and it would not get past the number one needle - it got stuck and broke it. I removed the broken needle and rebooted again and now it is stuck with the #1 needle bar down and it gets stuck and go chug chug chug and I hit the emergency stop, HELP!!!!!!!

  3. #3
    smeggy345o Guest


    Also when I try to do a head up, it says it is unable.

  4. #4
    smeggy345o Guest


    It just can't move the needle case.

  5. #5
    smeggy345o Guest


    I just took the cover off and when I took it off, the #1 and #2 needle bars dropped down

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    May 2006
    Star, ID
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    Mary O,
    I just left you a phone message.....

    Rod Springer
    Amaya Tech & Trainer
    Certified tech & trainer<br />208-898-4117

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    Jul 2009
    New York
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    I had the same issue with this maintenance....I wasn't around when everything was sorted out, but basically the needle bar got jammed under that black thing we had to put grease on and it just needed to be moved out from under that so it could move freely again. I'm not sure how it got stuck underneath it as we were being cautious about doing it since it was the first time performing this maintenance. Any way, I hope everything gets sorted out quickly. Good luck

  8. #8
    smeggy345o Guest


    Thanks. Looks like I need the tech to come take it apart and then put it back together again. Hope it is not like Humpty Dumpty.

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