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    Troubleshooting on design

    I'm a newbie and I'm stitching out the attached logo on Poly jackets. I've had the logo digitized and corrected twice by two different companies because I assumed it was a digitizing issue. Any ideas on why the outline isn't straight and is thin in spots (left V on top of M and round bottom of J)and doesn't quite meet the fill? Design looks great in DS Pro and digitizing corrections doesn't seem to help so now I'm thinking it is a technical issue due to my inexperience. I've alternated tearaway and cutaway on the back and have used solvy on the top every time and I'm still getting this bad stitch out. I'm stitching the logo on Under Armour jackets so it needs to look crisp.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Looks like a registration issue (i.e. the fill stitch is not meeting the border column) which can result from many things, especially backing and pull comp.

    Here's a link on backing:

    Here's are links on pull comp etc.:

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    To me the digitizing looks okay. I've sewn on Under Armour fabrics way too many times. I'll guess that when you sew-out on cutaway or cotton to see to sample it looks great...right? Your issue is the stretchy fabric. The satin stitch is tugging it one way and then back the other. What lessens this will be to spray a bit of LIGHT TACK adhesive to the cutaway and press to the garment. This will HELP prevent the fabric from shifting. Don't make a habit of spraying this indoors or you will end up with a light coat of adhesive on everything in the room. That should do it.

    You might choose to increase the column width 105-110% to help with registration issues as well....

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    Yes, definitely increase the pull comp on the fill to 3 or even 4. My want to add 1 to the pull comp on the satin stitch too. Medeira makes a great weblon in white and black that works wonders on this material as well. Also, increasing the material thickness to 4 or 5 will help.

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