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Thread: Fast frames

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    Jul 2013
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    Fast frames

    Thinking of getting fast frames. If you can help with pros and cons, I'd appreciate it!

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    Aug 2013
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    I 'm looking for a smaller frame and was considering fast frames so I give you my $.02

    Based on observation the method of clamping is not necessarily the best. There are a limited number of videos showing the fast frames in operation. The one that I did find seem to show slipping. Although the clips/clothes pins are novel I think it is susceptible to drifting on high speed runs. The clamping method does not support a full 360 degrees therefore allowing a draw of the material from the North side so to speak. I think the stitching direction will dictate the overall results.

    I converted to the hoop master system which is pricey but worth it in the long run. I continued to change to the magnetic mighty hoop which made it even easier. My problem is mighty hoop only goes down to 4.25 inch. I need something for pockets hence my search.

    If you are looking for a general hooping system look for a used hoop master and build up. I lucked out and found the board on ebay and have been adding mighty hoops little by little.


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    May 2010
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    We use fast frames frequently and like them overall. (We have the 7 in 1 set) The clips that came with our hat frame work great for added security on certain items, or to hold the solvey on stocking hats and beanies when needed. That's not to say I wouldn't mind having the clamping system, just too pricey for the occasional times I hesitate to use the fast frames. I agree with inobu as we also have the magnetic hoops and they are awesome!

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    Dec 2015
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    I bought an XTS system used and the EMS Hoop Tech Quick Change (6) came with it along with some mighty hoops...I have found the mighty hoop info for adding them to the software but can't find anything on adding these....does anybody know where I can find the info on them?

    To add to this thread...even though I am in the beginning learning stages I have used 2 of the quick change hoops and love them. You have to really get sticky - sticky - paper and some are not sticky enough. Someone told me to use wax paper on top of the design and that will keep the sticky from gumming up on the needles. I have done a number of things so far using them and I love them - I have used some additional quilt clamps to help keep some small makeup bags from moving because I couldn't stick them down well enough!

    But if anybody can help me on adding the hoops to the software I would greatly appreciate it!!

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    May 2006
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    Depending on how old your software is the Hoop Tech could be in your software. In OS go to Tools and then to Hoop Set up. Under the custom hoop list see if it says Hoop Tech. It will list each size hoop by its measurements. Hoop Tech have been in the list for several years. The Hoop Tech has a raised part at the back of the carriage so be careful to watch that you always shut the clamp when leaving the machine or remove it after each use. If that raised area hits to needle area you will need a tech to come out to fix it. They work great but need to be aware of this issue. We also used a permanent marker on the frames to mark the sizes.
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