I am trying to sell an old (~1995) Melco 6-color embroidery machine for my neighbor, and looking for advice or interest. It is model number 00480701, and comes with a number of wooden frames and fixtures for caps. There is also a separate (and much smaller) unit that plugs into the main head. I do not know how to operate it, and my neighbor said it was working when they quit using it. They stopped because the PC that contained the patterns they were using stopped working. I had a PC outfit look it over, and the hard drive is toast. I was told that the machine does not need the PC to operate, but, I don't know - the neighbors have forgotten how it works. At any rate, all of the original manuals are there, plus a book of patterns, a bunch of bobbins, wooden frames, and hat fixtures. I figured if nothing else, somebody might want the machine for parts. But, if anyone has any advice as to where to market this stuff, I would appreciate it. Thanks.