Quantcast SMALL thread spools - are they Ok or don't bother?


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    Aug 2015
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    SMALL thread spools - are they Ok or don't bother?

    I've only used commercial/large spools on our Big Reds but wanted to try some metallics.

    Vendor suggested a couple of GUNOLD SMALL spools to test out colors - said there is NO problem using smaller sizes - height is my concern - on these machines.

    Would anyone have any tips about using small metallic sized spools - or just avoid?

    Any recommendations for commercial size Metallic thread vendor that LOVES Big Reds?

    I have a round 'riser' piece to raise spool higher - is it really necessary? I do know about needle size concerns.

    Any other caveats?

    I digitize pretty well and husband stitches out. I always try to eliminate potential issues on my end first so we don't divorce.

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    Aug 2006
    Eureka, California
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    My silver surfer REALLY likes Robison Anton J metallics. He also likes Spectrum thread, available from DS Access in Dallas, Tx.

    On smaller sized spools, I just lower the thread tube, and put a thread coaster under it.

    If it starts getting too curled, depending on what number needle you are using, you can put the spool on the floor and let it feed up, or use a thread stand. Sometimes, the longer distance keeps it from bunching up.

    At the end of spools, at 3 a.m. when everyone is closed and I am almost out of thread, I have been known to sit with the machine, turn the spool sideways, and let it roll off as I hold the spool on a thin wire to eliminate as much twisting as possible.

    You'll need to change your needle more often as the metallic abrades the eye quicker, leading to more shedding.

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    May 2006
    420 S.W. H street, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
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    Small thread spools work great, reading this I'm not sure if you know the silver tubes that the thread feeds into slide up and down. Put your small thread spool on, (we use the little cardboard coasters to keep the thread from unraveling and getting under the spool) and push the thread tube down until it's around a half inch above the spool. when you go back to big spools just pull it back up. Occasionally you may have to reach behind and push it that way, but it's no problem to adjust them to your perfect height. Hope that helps, and if it's not what you meant... Sorry about that.
    Ron Vinyard<br />Body Cover Design<br /><br />Grants Pass, Oregon

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    Aug 2015
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    THANK YOU!!!!

    'Silver Surfer'? LOL assuming you're referencing your 'machine' but I'm new-ish here - so if he's your significant other - LUCKY you - having a distinguished looking Surfer who likes embroidery and late nights?!! LOL!

    I swear Big Reds are my husband's girlfriends - he LOVES us all equally but spends far more time with them than me. It's win/win!! LOL!!

    Your info is very MUCH appreciated & easy to understand/implement so he shouldn't need too many late nights alone with them on this project. I will try the cool "turn the spool sideways" technique - personally - as they don't always appreciate new methods and they might break up/down with him!!

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    Aug 2015
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    Awesome - thank you so much. Yes, I had forgotten the tubes slide - hubby does the stitch out most of the time - so a GREAT reminder and suggestion on the cardboard coasters. I have a foam piece but that may not be wide enough.

    When I want him to try something different than our norm- I like to ask the experts here - who live it - so I can prevent time /material wasting and him thinking I'm trying to torment him!! I REALLY appreciate your advice. TY.

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    Oct 2010
    Etna, CA
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    I have recently started using a metallic needle, DBx7ST. I love them and since I do a lot of metallic embroidery, it was worth it to buy a pack.
    Here is a link about metallic thread preferences:

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