Quantcast coming unthreaded after. every.trim.


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    May 2007
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    coming unthreaded after. every.trim.

    I know, I'm not the first. . . I have looked and looked, read all the posts, tried everything I could think of, and some things that I saw here - nothing is working. Unless I missed something somewhere. . .

    Here's whats been going on: stitches fine (once its going), then trims, and every time the thread comes out of the needle. I thought the trimmer blade must be the issue, so i got a new one, installed it and thought I had it figured out until today. Now it trims just fine, not "pulling" - but the thread up top is coming out of the needle on every trim. Makes a 2 minute simple logo hell..... I even went so far as to remove the trims from the design just so I can get this job done, but.....this is driving me nuts.

    I have checked everything I can think of: rebooted both machine and software, checked settings, tail set to long, checked actifeed - the stitching tells me that it's ok; checked bobbin tension; cleaned everything top to bottom. . .

    any thoughts?
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    Aug 2006
    Eureka, California
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    Do you have your tail length set to long, and have you tried rubbing your work piece with a Bounce dryer sheet? This time of year static can become a thing, and static makes the world miserable. I also hold one for about ten seconds on the red feed roller as it is going along, and rub the faceplace with it when thread starts sticking to it.

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    Oct 2006
    Kona, Hawaii
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    There are something like 15 or so steps that our machines step thru to do a trim. If any one of the steps is out of wack, then it will not trim properly. Thread pulling out of the needle when resuming stitching after a trim is telling you that one of the many steps has screwed up. Which one? I have no idea, but it is one or more of those steps that is not right. And when you find the answer, can you please post the solution?
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    Oct 2010
    Etna, CA
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    What kind of machine do you have? If you search under 'trim' tons of posts come up with all sorts of suggestions depending on your machine and what you are embroidering.

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