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    Weird Upper Thread break

    Hi everyone
    I am Bambie and I have an Amaya XT that is having thread breaks that I need some help with. It is currently in the shop and I am going back down tomorrow to either fix it or get it. I am running Design shop 9, Amaya OS 9 (I think) and am sewing on duck cloth with heavy stabilizer (doing patches)

    I knocked the needle case off and replaced it and set the timing. I began having stupid false thread breaks that could not be overcome. I turned off the thread break sensor and it helped with the false breaks but I am now having true upper path breaks. After not being able to communicate with the two closest certified techs (both over 200 miles away and neither called me back) I took it to the shop of the repair man in town. He checked the basics and found a burr on the hook which he cleaned up but it made little difference. The thread is breaking around the tension tube. and it was happening on over half the needles. I checked each thread and found that 5 cones of thread (one was brand new) were all easily broken by hand so I replaced all the bad thread, replaced all the needles with titanium sharps. The bobbin is at correct tension. And I have checked the point where the thread leaves the cone and goes through the tube on all needles. No snags at all

    What I am observing happening is that the thread appears to be knotting up before the red wheel that holds it in the "V". I can observe the thread twisting up into like a little loop and then it breaks. I have retreaded the offenders using both the canned air and the fishing line methods. nothing changes.

    I can make do and get by with 11 working needles but I should not have to. Any ideas?

    I am going back to the shop again tomorrow and would love to have something to try

    Again thanks for just taking time to read this
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