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    Mar 2008
    Canton Michigan
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    Updated machines

    I am currently running 1 red and 3 XT's.
    My question, is what is the life expectancy of these machines?
    When should i consider replacing them?

    They all currently run well, but I feel like I need a plan.

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    Aug 2006
    Eureka, California
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    My technician was here to do a PM a few years ago, and related a story about someone with machines who had never had a service call. Their machines had between 300 and 400 million stitches.

    On the secondary market, I purchased a "used" XT last year. I say used because it had about 30 hours of on time and around 15,000 stitches. It was essentially new, and came with software and a lot of extras I was able to sell off, keeping only the head. After paying for a Melco tech to do a prebuy inspection, travelling to pick it up, and selling the hoops, frames, and software that came with it that I did not need, the net cost for that machine was around $2,000.

    There's a lot to consider when trying to devise a "plan". My original Big Red died a tragic and horrible death after only a few years. The XT I replaced that Big Red with is now over 15 years old, has never missed a day, and only messes up when I put needles in backwards or do some other stupid thing.

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    Oct 2010
    Etna, CA
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    We've had our Big Red since 2003 with only one service call and that was for just a general check-up during which a slightly cracked thread drive gear was found. I think that's pretty good. They're probably like cars, depending on how hard they are driven and how well they are cared for. Since this is our only machine, we rely heavily on prayer!

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    Jul 2010
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    have my red xt since 2005....and never a technican..fixed all myself...and since I changed the small plastic wheel (threadchange) she is running even better...

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